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Pathway through Prospect Park after a rainstorm on a blustery 12/21/12 morning.


Oct. 2nd, 2010 09:43 am
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I have not been doing very well lately and consequently have not been keeping up with [community profile] shutterspeed, so this challenge is pretty much made for me. Sigh.

One for decay/collapse, and a few more beyond the cut...

Railings: The white and peeling railings of an abandoned house, with ivy creeping in the background.

Photos photos photos! )
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Very decidedly 'roads' rather than other paths. I tried a few creative interpretations (a set of stairs; pipes, as a path for water), but wasn't pleased with the resulting photos. I'm not so sure about the third of the bunch I'm posting, come to that. The first two I think are decent.

Communication and roads:
Street signs

two more )

I do wish they'd finish that last one, as it's no fun driving it. :P Meanwhile, the 'reflections and glass' aperture, though closed, continues to inspire me. Two more photos resulting from it are here and here. I think they outperform anything I've done for the current aperture, honestly, though the second of the two is grainier than I'd like.
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A road, bordered in tall pines, with signs alerting drivers to the fact that it is private and the speed limit is five miles per hour.

An actual road for the roads and trails challenge!

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Art Institute, Chicago. Got to see the new wing while I was visiting family!

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I've got two photos for you all! I just returned from lovely Madison, WI (where I attended the incredibly awesome WisCon 34. So here are two pictures I took while I was there.

First -- Communication about what roads (or streets!) I was walking on!

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Another reason I love this community: it gave me the oomph to click through almost a decade worth of unlabeled photographs! wide expanse of grey Pacific beach in SF taken on retaining wall that spirals down into a ramp for people and sand-capable vehicles.
This is a Pacific beach in San Francisco, during an 85° heat wave in 2003.

And how I got to that shot )
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A large beam at the top of a trellis, used as a pathway by neighborhood cats.

I couldn't get any cats to pose on this because it's raining, but this beam is a very popular cat superhighway. (I find it interesting that most of my photos for this challenge have been animal/nature trails, not human ones.)


Jun. 2nd, 2010 05:00 pm
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Raindrops trailing down a window, with a blurred tree in the background.

It started raining today, which was kind of unexpected, and I got intrigued by the way the raindrops slowly wind their way down the window.


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