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It was a close race, but two apertures made it by just one vote! The new concrete aperture is "shadows" and the new abstract aperture is "gloomy."
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Okay, I've been sadly negligent in posting things here.  I've been busy setting up my photography blog, so I've been editing things, but once I got things up on the blog I kind of fell over from exhaustion. :p

Anyway... a few of the prompts I've missed...


This is Volo Bog in Northern Illinois.  This may be one of my all time favorite shots I've taken ever.  I don't do a lot of landscapes, but this one was pretty cool.  It's actually one of two that will be going into a contest as a set - this is the second one with wider perspective and a break in the clouds.

Lines and Patterns )

Water )

Shadows )

WTF? )
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finally I have the time to upload a few pics - in a variety of challenges...


+3 )


Jul. 26th, 2010 01:47 pm
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Been really bad about taking pics. I did manage to get a nice shadow pic this weekend. This is a bench I made and put out under the tree to curl up on on hot days. I love how the shadows of the tree branches and leaves dapple the mattress.

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We're on vacation this weekend, way out in rural Kentucky. So here are two photos from this weekend.

Late afternoon

This just seems so relaxed & cozy. Somehow the shadows & shade make it moreso. )


Jul. 24th, 2010 12:47 pm
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Debris inside an abandoned house. The roof is missing in this section so the area is flooded in sunlight, and a fallen branch is casting a shadow that looks like a high heel.

I am intrigued by the suggestive shape of this shadow!

A tree fell through this house during a winter storm around 10 years ago; you can see more images at my Flickr if you are interested!
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I haven't uploaded pics from my camera in several weeks so both of these are a bit old.

Morning shadows on embroidered lampshade.


A strange place to park a bike... )
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Glowing radioactive rocks of doom!