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a photomontage of a leaded glass window at five different times of day

A leaded glass window, taken at different times on the same day.

(and a question for comm: I go back and forth about whether I should use Photoshop to try to un-askew this (tripod bubble-level less than accurate, apparently) - or should I just re-take. Opinions?)
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Pathway through Prospect Park after a rainstorm on a blustery 12/21/12 morning.
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I couldn't decide on which challenge, so I took "Weather".
I took this photo on a cemetery last week.
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Shutterspeed will get started again in 2013! In the mean time, I am declaring an arbritarty amnesty round to get us thinking and remembering to take our cameras with us. Post pictures from any of the old challenges.

Please post ideas for new challenges and prompts! With your ideas we will create polls for the new year.
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A couple of photos from the weekend, both for the red prompt.


one more... )