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First I have a picture of "Time".  I put out a home-made snow gauge during the blizzard earlier this month and ran out hourly to get a picture as the snow accumulated and blogged the storm.  At one point I went out, got my 9:00 shot, walked around the block for a bit getting pictures of the buried cars and unplowed streets and dogs in the snow.  When I got home, 12 minutes later, we'd accumulated another inch of snow.  AN INCH in 12 MINUTES!


And some purple flowers.
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Nov. 2nd, 2010 05:54 pm
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In light of today being election day here in the U.S., I thought this would be an appropriate "two" picture.  I took it this weekend while in D.C.

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Okay, I've been sadly negligent in posting things here.  I've been busy setting up my photography blog, so I've been editing things, but once I got things up on the blog I kind of fell over from exhaustion. :p

Anyway... a few of the prompts I've missed...



This is Volo Bog in Northern Illinois.  This may be one of my all time favorite shots I've taken ever.  I don't do a lot of landscapes, but this one was pretty cool.  It's actually one of two that will be going into a contest as a set - this is the second one with wider perspective and a break in the clouds.

Lines and Patterns )

Water )

Shadows )

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Yay!  Animals.  This is mostly what I do.  Here's a few shots from the last group I was putting on my photography blog...

I have been shooting a TON of dragonflies this summer.  I think since last March I've gotten yellow, red, blue, green, black and brown ones.  I'm particularly keen on this one because you can see the shadow of his wing-veins on the lilypad.  (You may have to blow it up to see the details.)
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So apparently it's dragonfly mating season... fortunately I didn't get shots of that per se, but I did get some fabulous shots of the suitors and suitees.

From two different ponds in the middle of Chicago... (click to make the bugs bigger)


Black and white and red all over... more dragonflies )
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So the local Nature Museum did a Coffee and Cameras event this morning.  Two hours where they allow up to 15 photographers and no one else in the butterfly garden.  Only today?  3 people showed up.  One was late and one left early, so I all but had the place to myself.  It was Outstanding!  I took tons of macro shots, but as you might guess, butterflies move a lot, so it's a bit tough to get very clear shots...  I do like this one though...


And just for giggles, a shot of him on my head... he hitched a ride for about five minutes as I walked around and got my shots.  The curator said he was looking for nectar in my hair.  Sorry to disappoint him. :)

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So, timing is everything.  I've lived in the city (Chicago) proper for 10 years, but I'd never really been to Millennium Park.  But a group I belong to had a photo hike scheduled for there today.  Just in time for the end of this appature. :)

Anyway, there's a structure at the entrance to the park that's officially called "Cloud Gate," but not one person I know actually calls it that.  We all call it "The Bean".  It's a big mirrored bean that sucks in photographers from an 18 mile radius, I swear.  I have never seen more cameras in one place since the last time I went to a camera shop.   Most play inside where you can stand on your own head and stuff, but I was having fun taking shots outside.

The Chicago skyline, both in front of and behind me.  (Yes, that little orange and blue blob at the bottom left is your intrepid photographer.)

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This shot is a little unfocused, but over all I'm really chuffed about how it came out.  As you can see, I'm holding the camera away from my face as I took my own photo in the perfectly still mirror of a *swamp*.  The guy next to me is my dad - my photography mentor. :)  Prety cool for a self-portrait, if I do say so myself. :)
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These are called Persian Buttercups.  I've never seen petals packed so tightly into a fully open flower before.


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