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I've been swamped since school started, and to top it all off, I lost my camera battery charger! But here are a few photos just in the nick of time for the amnesty window. One above the cut, two below.

Prompt: Animals - I took a number of nice butterfly shots back in July. This was one I hadn't uploaded at all yet.

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Some of them, anyway. I think there may be a couple more I haven't found and uploaded from the camera...it's been that kind of two weeks.

The first one's a stretch as it was actually taken the day before the aperture started, but it's also my only "growth" photo so far and I'm rather fond of it, so I included it:

Planting season

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I've been taking my camera with me everywhere this week, but only just tonight finally getting around to posting them.

First, some small bottles on my window sill:

duck, tree, and rose bush )

Camera: Canon PowerShot S3 IS
Slightly edited with GIMP
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I'm still in the spring phase of setting out new plants, potting up container gardens, and being super-grateful for every bit of green I can find. Winters are hard for me, but once things start growing and blooming, it's easy to put it behind you.

I've got two more photos for this Aperture. The first is this photo of an unfurling hosta leaf. I love the way they come up looking like some weird sort of asparagus spear, and then start to unfurl in a pretty spiral.

Hosta leaf

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Both photos were taken with my usual camera - a Canon SD630 -- and both were cropped, slightly, to better center the heart of the image.


Apr. 25th, 2010 09:07 pm
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I had the camera with me yesterday at the bar so took a few pics :)

The bottle could've been a bit sharper, but I wanted to keep the background as creamy as possible at the same time, so this is at some compromise aperture.


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This comm has inspired me to take more pictures in the last week or so, but I only got around to actually getting them off my camera and uploaded last night/this morning.

Our bulbs have been really starting to bloom this week, even the some of the ones that have been gnawed on by squirrels.

eleven more pictures behind the cut.

tulips are very photogenic, trees are rather more finicky )

All photos taken with a Nikon Coolpix L100. Some minor color adjustment done in photoshop.

Last green

Apr. 25th, 2010 12:06 pm
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We went for an afternoon drive, so all of these were taken from the car.

Ditch grass.

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First, not a tree (although the person who helped me pick colors said I had a certain "tree-like" energy. Really.)


My new corset*. Not on me, because I am not yet skilled enough to get into it without assistance.

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A green teapot, caught in the act of being used to pour white tea into a large tea cup with a green and yellow floral pattern.

Only after I shot this did it occur to me that I should have brewed green tea instead of white tea!

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Zaharah's Drum

Sometime in the next two weeks this bead (which I did not, alas, make) will become part of a necklace called "Zaharah's Drum," coming to the WisCon art show near me!