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Okay, I've been sadly negligent in posting things here.  I've been busy setting up my photography blog, so I've been editing things, but once I got things up on the blog I kind of fell over from exhaustion. :p

Anyway... a few of the prompts I've missed...



This is Volo Bog in Northern Illinois.  This may be one of my all time favorite shots I've taken ever.  I don't do a lot of landscapes, but this one was pretty cool.  It's actually one of two that will be going into a contest as a set - this is the second one with wider perspective and a break in the clouds.

Lines and Patterns )

Water )

Shadows )

WTF? )
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Some pics I took, obviously never in time for any challenge... XD

Four more this way! )
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finally I have the time to upload a few pics - in a variety of challenges...


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My husband and I are not house-hunting with great fervor, but are idly looking. I recently saw a house (a foreclosure) online which looked very good - and underpriced. "I have got to see that," I told my husband. "I want to know what's wrong with it!"

...I found out. Oh my did I find out. Yes, this explains a little:

What the ad didn't show....

I especially like the door into open air where the second-floor balcony used to be. They've tied a single length of caution tape over it on the inside.
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This isn't the best shot, but the content makes me smile. Taken from 'Elements of Number Theory' by Underwood Dudley, proof that mathematicians have a sense of humor and enjoy a subtle joke:

Under the cut for size and subject matter )
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Backyard mystery weed does Paul Gross arms: the two branches raises in V bear a subtly dark tick pattern. The head is similar in shape to a v large raspberryThis plant has volunteered significantly distant from its typical habit of "moist, forest undergrowth," showing up on the hillside in our backyard.

*"Paul Gross arms," also known as \0/, after the performer's stance in a silly video 15 years ago, because fangirls are goofy that way.
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I have a new job and so far that meant less time for taking pictures. But today, on my way home I saw two things, that fit nicely with the theme.

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very gnarly wooden structure of alternating small and large rings, nestled in the grass
I'm proud of seeing this, since by its nature it recedes into the background. Explanation behind the cut )


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