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Very decidedly 'roads' rather than other paths. I tried a few creative interpretations (a set of stairs; pipes, as a path for water), but wasn't pleased with the resulting photos. I'm not so sure about the third of the bunch I'm posting, come to that. The first two I think are decent.

Communication and roads:
Street signs

two more )

I do wish they'd finish that last one, as it's no fun driving it. :P Meanwhile, the 'reflections and glass' aperture, though closed, continues to inspire me. Two more photos resulting from it are here and here. I think they outperform anything I've done for the current aperture, honestly, though the second of the two is grainier than I'd like.
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I've got two photos for you all! I just returned from lovely Madison, WI (where I attended the incredibly awesome WisCon 34. So here are two pictures I took while I was there.

First -- Communication about what roads (or streets!) I was walking on!

Street Signs more.. )
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Loki, a white cat with black splotches, lying on a book and grooming himself.

Communication is somewhat impaired this morning, as you can see; this otherwise quite clear and readable book is a bit obscured!

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Another reason I love this community: it gave me the oomph to click through almost a decade worth of unlabeled photographs! wide expanse of grey Pacific beach in SF taken on retaining wall that spirals down into a ramp for people and sand-capable vehicles.
This is a Pacific beach in San Francisco, during an 85° heat wave in 2003.

And how I got to that shot )
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I don't think you need to speak canine to understand that he's saying "You there, Upright Walking Dog, I really do not like, nor do I trust that noisy black box you keep hiding your face behind."
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It will NOT STOP RAINING where I live, so photography hasn't had a lot of allure, you know? But the sun came out this morning, and I saw some communication!

Semaphore! )
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I took this one last weekend on my way out to snap some picture of the approaching thunderstorm. This is my favorite gravel road that I use as a bike trail. I hadn't realized it was so bumpy until I got down to ground level.
Communications... )
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Pasta, boiling in briskly bubbling water, surrounded by steam.

...yes, it's a bit of a stretch, but this communicates that dinner is almost ready, and I am really happy about that.


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